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Nail Art Studio training and supplies is a full service nail art design salon, that provides training as well as supplies based in Queensland, Australia. Our team of professionals,as well as nail care technicians led by Laurie L Galvin. Her goal was to open a nail salon with healthy environment and utilize the latest trends as well as technology. Ours is one of the premier nail art studios in Australia. Our products reflect the up-to-the-minute techniques and style in the nail industry.

With years of experience, our salon is an ideal place for nail designing,
All aspects of training given within Nail Art Studio within we supply all the required products. Several students of ours have become some of the most sought after nail technicians who are working in successful salons in Queensland. We are committed to educate people to be confident and professional in the Nail industry by providing classes and material to keep upcoming nail technicians/artists on top.

Our nail art courses cover various aspects like nail extensions, foiling,marbleing,nail art techniques to creative the most exquisite nail designs, and so much more. The expert guidance as well as the professional ambiance and infrastructure is a perfect ambience for consumers as well as learning students for becoming a nail technician.

Each customer is special to us. We help to give them good and healthy nails. Get the optimum in nail systems from us. We ensure that our salon provides the most experience which will bring customers back for eye-catching nails every time!

Committed to providing quality service! We are supported by friendly and qualified staff in the nail industry and have the expertise and knowledge to assist our clients and Nail professionals.

Our nail care services is highly extensive and in demand too. Get reliable nail solutions from expert Nail Technicians. All nail services are provided by trained and attentive nail professionals. We hope you enjoy been pampered within the comfort of nail art studio training and supplies.

Considered as a reliable and safe salon, top with iwithn Queensland, we offer all nail art as well as nail enhancement products at an affordable range. Our up beat nail facility features and caters for all your nail care needs. Our competent services makes s stand apart from the rest.

We are open Tuesdays to Saturdays days from 9.00am – 9pm and from 8am – 2pm on Saturdays. Walk in and feel why we are considered the best.