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Fashion is a field which has witnessed a lot of change in all aspects, be it clothes, looks, make up, hair style, and now even nails. These days nail art is in. Nails can be decorated in beautiful designs which range from easy to intricate and outrageous blueprints. Several artistic designs are executed on that small space ie finger or toe nails. Nail art design with free hand painting, done with the help of materials like glitters, stars, gem stones, stripes, various themes, patterns, dots, gel nail polish nail kits and so on.
Nails need to be painted with care . It is not just painting but there are several steps which need to be performed prior to painting. The nails need to be treated with the right products to provide the utmost care with a guarantee as a nail technician that your client is in good hands.
You need to apply base coat,two coats of preferred nail colour as per design. Now you start painting on this with the nail enamels that you like. Allow this to dry. Finally apply a transparent top coat on complete design and this would help the art to stay longer. Those who are novice to this should do with simple designs. Your creativity flows through creating floral, geometrical and abstract according to your style.

Nail art is done at home, in beauty salons and the nail artist,needs to keep themselves updated as much as possible,Google or YouTube,giving u a great vision to produce your own designs. Professionals obviously give you better results as they use right materials and techniques to give the perfect look.

Nail decals are also used which are basically ready made designs made in shape of nails and are applied instantly. The nail decals are ready-made designs that are made in shape of nails and they are just applied easily,great for beginners.

Several decorative items like tiny flowers, gems, foils and other accessories which give the nail art a three dimensional look.
A small amount of nail art sealer can be applied on the nail first and then decorate. With the help of doters,orange sticks or tweezers these desired items can be applied. You need to put slight pressure if embedding into coloured acrylics.

Nail art design originated in Japan. It has gained popularity in last ten years. Now it has spread it wings all round the world. Most of the beauty salons have professional nail artists. Nail Art Studio will provide courses in this regard. Nail art exhibitions as well as workshops are being arranged in order to promote this trendy form of art.