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Nail Art Studio’s 10-12 week courses in Nail Technology enables Laurie Galvin to deliver this training and to provide a completed certificate of Attainment on all aspects of becoming a Professional Nail Technician.

The courses delivered is designed to equip learners with the necessary skills in communication, knowledge of common skin conditions and artificial nail enhancements. I aim to provide every individual with the skills and confidence that every participant will need to join into any salon, providing nail services to the highest standard.

Students with passion for a career in nails could be placed as a permanent Nail Technician/Artist within Nail Art Studio, also included in the course if you are available to work part-time in the studio to further your experience working with other nail technicians learning different techniques as everyone has their own individual style.

It is essential that students provide their own models during the course. By encourage family and friends to be your working model, students gain benefit of practicing skills with people they are comfortable with as well as establishing an initial client base for your business. Approximately 3 model will be needed. For health and safety NO children will be able to attend during course times.

Nail Art Studio will provide all products and equipment during training sessions. The staff and myself are proud of our friendly and relaxed atmosphere, we like our students to feel at home. Students need only to bring their acrylic brush to c lass which is supplied in the kit. Acrylic kits are designed for self study and practice out of class hours.

Thanks everyone hope to see you in class.

Professional Training Kit

Payment Terms


Milady’s Edition No.8 Training Manual  1
Kolinsky Acrylic Brush No.8  1
Acrylic Nippers (surgical steel)  1
Tip Cutters  1
Cuticle Pusher  (surgical steel)  1
Dappen Dish  2
Manicure Brush  1
Practice Finger  2
Dropper  1
Tips Natural 100  1
Tips French 100  1


Polymer Powder 100gms  1
 Pink  1
 Clear  1
 Monomer Liquid 100mls  1
 Anti-Bac dehydrate 100mls spray  1
 Nail Prep 15mls  1
 Primer No Lift 10mls  1
Glue brush on 10g  1
Gauze wipes  1
Finger Wrap  1
Acetone 250mls  1
Files 80/80 + 100/100  1
Block Buffer  1
Satin Buffer  1
Beauty bag  1

The course will require an initial deposit of 50% ($1250.00) with the full payment prior to commencement date of course.

Payment can be made by Eftpos or internet banking.
Price of Acrylic Course-Nail Technology $2500.00

If paying off the course, payments to be made every week or fortnightly.

Full professional Acrylic Kit and latest Milady’s study & Training Manual Edition 8th, which is used throughout Australia for all training.

Limited class of 4 – 5 students.

Thank you everyone
See you soon

Laurie Galvin
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Enrolment Form

You can download the enrollment form here.


Course Outcome

On successful completion of this course participants will demonstrate high levels of sanitization pertaining to individual work areas and equipment, client preparation and personal presentation.

Observe appropriate health and safety guidelines in the work place. A general working knowledge of the anatomy of the nail & hand in relation to client care and nail enhancement.

To recognize the various skin and nail disorders relevant to the nail technician and to distinguish between those that are treatable and those which are not.

Demonstrate correct procedures and techniques for performing nail enhancements.

Have sufficient product knowledge to advise and perform a range of nail enhancement services.

Be proficient in aspects of client relationship management.

Demonstrate knowledge of and the intention to advocate excellent professional and industry ethics. The course will focus on subject areas and imperative for the industry.

  • Health and Safety
  • Professional Image/Salon conduct
  • Hygiene and sanitization
  • Product and Equipment Knowledge: electric file/UV Lamps
  • Procedures and Techniques for Acrylic Nail Enhancements
  • Tips/Overlay
  • Acetate glue on nails
  • Refill/Backfill
  • French/Coloured Acrylic Method
  • Removal of acrylics
  • Forms/Sculpture
  • Gel Enhancement/Nails + Toes
  • Nail & Skin Disorders
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Paraffin Treatment
  • Nail Art
  • Business Solutions